FatBurgerUK Pre Launch Event courtesy of The Best Halal Burger in the World Group on Facebook!

IDSC_0108ts not often you look forward to a Monday, but today was different. I had the opportunity to dine with my fellow ‘Best Halal Burger in the World” Group members at the specially arranged Pre Launch Event @FatBurgerUK.

After making a mad dash from my base in Stoke Newington I finally arrived at 7.30pm. Hoping that one of the 150 free burgers had my name written on it!

As I walked through the door, I was greeted to a chorus of ‘Welcome to FatBurger’ from the workers behind the counter. Damn… there goes my cover….
I immediately recognised some group members! But would they recognise me!!
‘You must be HaloodieFoodie!’ and my evening really took off.

We were seated quickly and a waitress came and explained the menu for the evening. As this was a pre launch event, FatBurger were only offering single patty burgers.

DSC_0095Our burgers arrived in due course cut in half and wrapped in Fatburger branded Greaseproof paper. As the burger patties are small (2.5oz, I guess) it’s very difficult to cook medium or medium rare. However, the patties were still moist. You could tell the quality of the meat was of a reasonable standard, no grizzly bits of cartilage or sinew. The seasoning was ok and the special sauce inside the burger had a slightly sweet taste which was offset by the sour gherkin. The bun was pillowy soft, akin to the Fillet of Fish bun in McD’s.
For a fast food burger, It was head and shoulders above other ‘Non Gourmet’ burger joints. Although, I would prefer a double or even a triple patty burger to really satisfy my carnivorous side.

Skinny Burger. Zero carbs version!

The star of the show were the Buffalo wings. I had Red Hot Ranch wings and the Lemon pepper. These reminded me of the offer in Sticky Wings in Whitechapel. Hot, spicy with a sour kick! #nom. My only complaint is the size of the wing were also tiny.

Red Hot Ranch wings
Lemon pepper Wings
Chicken Tenders

I found the chicken tenders really succulent, but quite salty for my liking. The accompanying Ranch sauce complimented the salty chicken well.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience tonight. Both on a food and more importantly on a personal level. It’s fascinating to meet people who are as passionate about halal food, especially the food bloggers I met!

Finally, I would like to thank @fatburgerUK for making this possible via the efforts of Hussein Pirbhai and Sameer Chatoo. I hope and pray that this is the first of many events from the best halal burger group.

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