The most succulent BBQ Chicken you’ll ever taste.

20130421_201709_2Ramadhan and my Summer Sabbitical are both over and its BBQ season in the haloodiefoodie household again… Well actually – I’ll consider any excuse or season for a good BBQ.

You’ll be a recluse if you don’t enjoy cooking over smouldering coals or a red hot gas grill.

The bane of cooking chicken al-fresco is that fact that we tend to over-cook our meat.

I’ve even heard…’If its not burnt, it not BBQ!!

Ok – so here are the typical challenges of a good BBQ:

  1. BBQ Does Not Mean Cooked Meat With Some Black Char
  2. Dehydrated Meat: There’s nothing more criminal than a dehydrated piece of chicken!!!
  3. Deceptively Dangerous: The inside of the meat is never cooked properly and in some cases – deceivingly dangerous e.g. when it looks cooked on the outside, but the meat is still uncooked inside.
  4. Flavourless: Another issue is the marination technique, the flavours just don’t penetrate through into the chicken. Some compromise by making large unsightly gashes across the flesh of the chicken, which is effective as a marinating technique, however can add to the dehydrating effect.

BBQ chicken should be succulent and juicy. There should be no need to douse your chicken in all manner of sauces in an attempt to rehydrate!!

In this post I will aim to tackle both of these issues and show you method that my family has perfected over the years.

Introducing Beer Can Chicken… Er… OK before I get lynched on Social media… and Edward Snowden leaks my name and address on WikiLeaks… Lets re-brand…

Introducing ‘Ginger’ Beer Can chicken….

BBQ marinade
IMG_20140315_093317This is one of my favourite BBQ marinades. It has a sweet fruity flavour with subtle hints of chilli, garlic and ginger. The mint and coriander provide a pungent yet fresh edge to the marinade.
  • ½ cup Tomato Ketchup
  • 4 Tablespoon Greek Style Yoghurt
  • One orange, de-seeded and sliced
  • 1 large spoon Olive Oil
  • One large apple
  • 5 dried apricots
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 1 Teaspoon Garlic paste
  • 1 Teaspoon Ginger paste
  • 1 Teaspoon Chilli paste
  • ½ teaspoon Dried Red chillies
  • 1 Teaspoon Chilli powder
  • 1 Teaspoon Smoked paprika powder
  • 1 Teaspoon Dark Muscovado Sugar
  • 1 Teaspoon Runny honey
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • ½ cup fresh mint leaves
  • ½ cup Fresh coriander

For 4 whole chickens, with skin. The chicken skins seals in the moisture and the meat remains juicy.

Blitz everything in a blender to reveal a bright, smooth orangey marinate.

Now for the innovation…
We need to get the marinade into the chicken without making large incisions in the flesh. I took my inspiration from seeing jam been injected into doughnuts at my local bakery. Eureka!!
We need to inject the marinade into the chicken.


Marinate the whole chicken by injecting in the breast (top and bottom), wing, thigh and leg on both sides
Cover the chicken with the rest of the marinade and leave to marinate in a fridge for a few hours or preferably over night. Make sure you remove the chicken from the fridge a few hours before cooking.

20140316_143445For this recipe you’ll need a hooded BBQ, you could use a charcoal or gas BBQ. You also need an empty can of fizzy pop.

  1. Light your BBQ and ensure that the grill is at an optimum temperature (the coal has a white covering of ash).
  2. Whilst waiting for your BBQ to reach optimum temperature. Make a few holes in the side of the can using a sharp knife. Fill 1/4 of the can with a liquid, any ‘halal’ liquid will do!!
  3. In a separate tray, place the chicken on the can, with the can sitting in the cavity of the chicken. So the chicken will be standing up on the tray. It can be quite tricky to balance the chicken. We use special chicken holders, but I’ve used cans only and it works well. See pic.
  4. Spoon any left over marinade over the chicken
  5. Place your chicken on the BBQ. If you using a charcoal BBQ, push the hot charcoal to the side of the BBQ (using appropriate equipment) and stand the chicken on the grate on the opposites side. Therefore the chicken is not directly underneath the coal. This method of BBQing is called indirect cooking. If you are using a gas bbq, make sure that the burners directly underneath the chicken are off and the burners to the side(s) are 3/4 of maximum. Close the hood of the BBQ.
  6. Cook for around an hour, depending on the size of the chicken. You can check by making a small incision in the chicken breast ensure the the juices run clear.
  7. Use two forks to pull the chicken away from the can. (Be careful).

8. Enjoy the most mouth-watering, scrumptious BBQ chicken you’ve ever tasted. You wont go back to the traditional method.The liquid inside the cans will evaporate and will cook the chicken from inside. The charcoal/gas burners cook the chicken from the outside.
The result is a perfectly cooked, moist, luscious chicken, crispy charred skin and marinade oozing from inside. Delish!!!I’m sure you’ll agree that ‘Ginger’ Beer can chicken is the most mouth-watering, scrumptious BBQ chicken you’ve ever tasted.
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OVEN-Baked Sweet and Spicy BBQ Wings Recipe


I remember eating oven-baked BBQ wings for brunch in a little diner in Leicester and feeling wonder-struck by the moistness of the chicken, which came away from the bone with very little persuasion. Initially the sweet, saucy, gooey flavour/texture dominated, thereafter the tingling of the chilli kicked in. My taste buds were dancing to the tunes of the honeyed sweet chilli treats. I was hooked!!! Time to experiment at home… What did you expect? I am the HaloodieFoodie! This is a really simple recipe that, once marinated, is really easy to whip up after work. It’s also loved by kids as well as adults so a good choice for families.

Chicken Wings marinade

-10 whole Chicken Wings with (I prefer them with the skin left on) – 1 teaspoon Garlic paste – 1 teaspoon Ginger paste – ½ teaspoon Chilli paste – ½ teaspoon Dried Red chillies – Salt and Pepper to taste – 1 large spoon Olive Oil After cleaning the wings. Make small incisions on wings and marinate for an hour or preferably overnight. Place in a oven tray and bake on gas mark 6 until 80% cooked. (around 45mins depending on the size of your wings).


Hot and Sweet glaze.

Combine the following ingredients and bring to a boil. Then reduce for a few minutes, until you get the consistency of double cream. Ingredients: – ½ cup Tomato Ketchup – ½ cup water – ⅓ cup strong vinegar – ½Teaspoon Garlic paste – 1 Teaspoon Ginger paste – ½ Teaspoon Chilli paste – ½ teaspoon Dried Red chillies – 1 Teaspoon Chilli powder – 1 Teaspoon Smoked paprika powder -2 Teaspoon Dark Muscovado Sugar – 1 Teaspoon Runny honey – 1 Star anise (You could use Chinese Five Spice mix). -Splash of Good quality Soya Sauce (I use Kikkoman) -Salt and Pepper to taste


Cover the chicken with the glaze and cook for a further 20 mins.


Turn over to brown on both sides.

You may want to put under the grill to ensure even browning.

Garnish with freshly chopped Spring onions. Serve with freshly salted thick potato chips and a side salad.

Hot and Sweet wings on the BBQ

There is nothing more delightful than dining Al-fresco. These chicken wings serve as a moreish appetizer. The recipe is similar to the oven-baked version. if you are cooking over hot coals or over a gas grill. Ensure that the grill is at an optimum temperature (the coal has a white covering of ash). Cook the marinated wings until the juices run clear. Then simply brush a liberal coating of the glaze and cook on each side for a few minutes. Pleasedo not overcook the chicken, dry BBQ chicken is criminal! Asian cooks usually remove the skin from the chicken. However, the chicken skins seals in the moisture and the meat remains juicy.


You could use the recipe for chicken legs and whole chicken, I’ve even used the recipe on Beef T-Bone steaks and lamb chops.

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Sheekh Kebabs; The HaloodieFoodie Way


Ever since I purchased my Tandoor (Traditional Indian clay oven), I’ve been yearning to try Sheekh Kebabs.

These famous savoury appetizers are a staple

of Indian restaurants, but are notoriously difficult to replicate at home. I’ve experimented with different mixes and, through trial and error, have perfected a simple and effective method of producing batch after batch of piquant, melt in the mouth Sheekh Kebabs.


IngredientsMutton Mince with some fat 2Kg (Further details provided below)
2 medium size onions, finely chopped and squeezed to remove excess liquid
1 teaspoon whole cumin
1 teaspoon whole coriander
1 & 1/2 teaspoon crushed garlic
1 teaspoons crushed ginger
1/2 teaspoon turmeric (haldi)
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon crushed green chilli
1 teaspoon red chilli powder
Half pack of Shan Sheekh Kebab masala mix (link to purchase provided below)
2/3 cup chopped coriander (cilantro)
1 teaspoon ghee (clarified butter)
Meaty mattersI prepared the Sheekh kebabs with normal mixed mutton, as it has an appropriate meat to fat ratio. If your meat doesn’t have enough fat, the kebabs will be dry, If there’s too much fat they will fall off the skewers during cooking. Ask your butcher to mince the meat twice, as it gives a finer texture to the kebabs. The mutton from the butcher will have a mottled fat appearance running through the mince.DO NOT WASH THE MEAT!!!
It’s against the traditional teaching of Indian mothers but trust me you have to throw away the rule book for these kebabs!!! The idea behind this is to ensure that we have a sticky, fatty mix that will adhere to your skewers. Any sort of moisture is the enemy of all kebabs!


Preparation Method

1. Finely chop the two onions and squeeze out the excess liquid using a muslin cloth.
2. Add the remaining ingredients and knead very thoroughly until the the meat has the consistency of chappati/bread dough. You could use a food mixer with a dough hook to ensure an even mix.


3. When the kebab mix sticks to your fingers the mix is ready to be loaded onto the skewers. You may want to dry fry a small batch to check the seasoning is correct. Remember they will taste much fattier when cooked in a pan compared to when it’s been cooked over a hot grill or a tandoor.

4. Load the skewers with the kebab mix.
I use 8mm metal skewers in my tandoor, the kebab mix can stick to the 8mm sides easily and the kebabs are not too dense.


4a. Moisten your hands with some water, to ensure that the Kebab mix doesn’t stick to your hands. I kept a bowl of water by my side as I loaded the skewers.

4b. Make a ball of kebab mix and poke through the end of the skewer until you reach approximately 10cm from the tip of the skewers.

4c. Squeezing with the tips of your fingers work your way down the skewer until you have an equal spread across the skewer. Make sure you leave space on the handle side of the skewer.


5. Place the skewers on the BBQ or inside the tandoor. Cooking times will vary depending on the heat of the BBQ/tandoor. Cook until the kebabs become coloured on each side.

6. Once cooked, slide off the kebabs ensuring that the skewers are cleaned at the tip end this will allow for an easy removal of the sheekh kebab.


Additional instructions for tandoor users.Use a piece of potato as a heat shield to ensure that the potatoes burn and not the precious kebabs!!


Sheekh Kebabs and Chicken Tikka served with naan bread, beetroot chutney and roast vegetables
You can also substitute mutton for chicken (use thigh meat, not breast) or lamb.You can purchase Shan Sheekh Kebab masala mix from most Asian grocery stores or online here: I hope you enjoy the kebabs, please don’t forget to subscribe and keep updated with the work of the HaloodieFoodie!!